1983 Grants

Project Grants
Gustaf and His Ensemble

Photo courtesy of the artist

"Jim's generosity of spirit was always there. He cared and he listened and his quality of listening had an intensity and focus that made his advice and any eventual solution right on the mark. After the 1980 UNIMA Congress and World Puppetry Festival which showed so much great work from the U.S. and abroad, Jim and Nancy Staub focused their attention on the needs of the field and especially the needs of emerging U.S. artists creating puppet theatre for adult audiences. Jim started the Foundation in response to those needs so that an artist would have a bit of money and breathing space to develop his own vision without having to give up or copy some one else's. The Foundation is an embodiment of Jim's caring and, for those of us who knew and loved him, the thought that his unique generosity of spirit continues in the positive and on-going way is immensely cheering."
-Allelu Kurten,

Janie Geiser - The Glass Dream & Looking for Penguin Film
A two-part performance piece in a modified Bunraku style, based on text by Kay Hagan. ($5,000)

Sandglass Theater - Sand
A work depicting the dreams of a man and woman in love who are beginning their lives together. ($5,000)

Julie Taymor - Liberty's Taken
A tragicomic romance about the American Revolution and the men and women who fought it, using a wide range of puppetry techniques. ($7,500)

Underground Railway Theater - The Soldier's Tale
An adaptation of Stravinsky's World War I story about a young violinist's encounterwith the devil, featuring Japanese-style wagon puppets. ($2,500)

UNIMA-USA - Gustaf and His Ensemble
A seven city tour by German master puppeteer Albrecht Roser, who will perform his signature marionette piece Gustaf and His Ensembl. ($5,000)