1988 Grants

Project Grants
Turtle Island Tales
by Hobey Ford

Photo by Dee Williams

"The awards were like an invisible hand, which helped carry the production to broader audiences. The awards, perhaps most importantly, were an inspiration to create productions worthy of the honor of receiving a grant. Through the Foundation grants, Jim Henson not only gave money, by association he lent his name, achievement and stature to the field of puppetry. The words 'Funded by the Jim Henson Foundation' have been a gift that keeps on giving."
-Hobey Ford

Center for Puppetry Arts - Breaking Boundaries
An evening of two experimental pieces: The Box by Walton Harris and The Bound Man by Janie Geiser and Jon Ludwig. ($5,000)

Colonus, Inc. - Warrior Ant
A music theater work using Bunraku puppetry by Lee Breuer and Bob Telson. ($3,000)

Czech Black Light Theatre - Full Pocket
A black light theater production by Jitka Exler addressing the social problems of the day. ($3,000)

Figures of Speech Theatre - L. P.
A work exploring the dynamics of alcoholic families combining live actors and puppets. ($2,000)

Hobey Ford - Turtle Island Tales
A work based on Native American songs and stories centered around an old Indian story-teller. ($3,000)

Mum Puppettheatre - Untitled
A project examining the relationship of man to his gods using Greek myths as a starting point. ($1,500)

Puppeteers of America National Festival - Theatre Drak Tour
A subsidy for a tour of the famed Czechoslovakian company Theatre Drak in conjunction with the national festival. ($2,000)

Sandglass Theater - Invitation to Heaven
A piece depicting a collection of images in the mind of a young Jewish child. ($2,000)

Julie Taymor - Juan Darien
A carnival mass with giant puppets based on the South American story by Horacio Guirog. ($5000)

Tears of Joy Theatre - The Miser of Tahoma
A piece based on an Indian tale of a miserly old man who hoards precious shells. ($3,000)

Eugene O'Neill Theater Center - The Institute for Professional Puppetry Arts
A subsidy for a second year of the Professional Seminar Series held in conjunction with the Critic's Colloquium. ($1,500)