1991 Grants

Project Grants
Heaven Hell Tour
by Center for Puppetry Arts

Photo by David Zeiger

Facing Both Ways
by Lisa Sturz

Photo by Charles Edwards

"Receiving support from the Henson Foundation links you to a tradition of excellence and innovation. The legacy of Jim's art and spirit are a model for generations to follow."
-Lisa Sturz

American Music Theater Festival - Untitled
A musical theater work about the life of Mexican painter Frieda Kahlo with puppets by Janie Geiser and Steve Kaplin. ($3,000)

Arm of the Sea Theater - Water for Life
A series of parables for citizens of the water planet told with rod puppets, masked figures, pictures in motion and live music. ($1,000)

Center for Puppetry Arts - Heaven Hell Tour ($3,000)

Alice Farley Dance Theater - Strange Attractors
For a piece exploring the recurring harmonies in perceived states of disorder. ($3,000)

Figures of Speech Theatre - Earth to Cinderella

Hobey Ford - Whale Walker
A piece about a boy's rite of passage, for adults and pre-adults. ($3,000)

Galapagos Puppet Theater - Esther's Story
A work by Madeleine Beresford based on her aunt's account of the Holocaust with projected slides and a life-sized puppet. ($1,000)

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater - Experimental Studio Series
An experimental series for new adult work and a new piece created for the series. ($3,000)

Lasangua Ya Bato Drum & Dance Company - Untitled
A collaborative performance by John and Niki Kahn and Bob Barky using a full body puppet. ($1,500)

Mettawee River Theatre Company - Persephone
An interpretation of the Greek myth of the daughter of the goddess Demeter told with masks and giant puppets. ($3,000)

Roman Paska - Theatre for the Birds
A final installment of Theatre for the Birds based on commedia dell'arte. ($3,000)

Puppet Showplace Theater - The Lunatic, The Lover and The Poet
A collaborative performance with Paul Vincent-Davis, Nikki Tilroe and Caleb Fullam. ($2,000)

Puppetsoup Theater of Objects - Soup Talk #2: Voices of the Hollow Man
Opening with, "Have you been watching the wars on TV?" - the storyteller's assassin poses this question as she begins to stage Napoleon's 1812 invasion of Russia - complete with the snow that accompanies his tragic retreat. Included in the text are substantial passages from Tolstoy's War and Peace, Larry Heinemann's Paco's Story, and Napoleon's letters home to his wife Marie-Louise. ($1,500)

Sandglass Theater - The Village Child
A final phase of development that will include hiring a director and a musician/composer. ($3,000)

Skysaver Productions - The Radiant City (Part II)
A piece exploring the development of the 20th century American city with life-size puppets, kinetic sculpture, film, and slides. ($3,000)

Lisa Sturz - Facing Both Ways
A series of short vignettes exploring the place where inner and outer experience meet. ($1,000)

Tears of Joy Theatre - The Old Musician
A collaboration with renowned Polish playwright and director Jan Wlkowski and Appalachian story teller Michael "Badhair" Williams. ($2,000)