1996 Grants

Project Grants
The Human Life of Machines
by Alice Farley Dance Theater

Photo courtesty of the artist

Moby Dick in Venice
by Roman Paska

Photo by Richard Termine

The Golem
by GOH Productions

Photo by Orlando Marra

Electric Shadows
by Shadowlight Production

Photo by Michael Venera

"When I first saw Indonesian shadow plays, I thought they were like primordial movies. What we are doing is translating traditional forms into modern ones. "
-Larry Reed,
Shadowlight Productions

Symphonie Fantastique
by Basil Twist

Photo courtesy of the artist

"The Henson Foundation has been a critical and nurturing force in my creative life. My relationship with the Foundation connects me to the magic of Jim Henson, which has inspired my creative life since childhood."
-Basil Twist

Carter Family Marionettes - The White Snake Fairy
A collaboration with Chinese handpuppet master Yang Feng, based on the popular Chinese legend. ($2,000)

Center for Puppetry Arts - Frankenstein
A reinterpretation of Mary Shelley's novel as a spiritual journey influenced by Voodoo practices and beliefs, directed by Jon Ludwig. ($3,000)

Alice Farley Dance Theater - The Human Life of Machines
A collaboration between choreographer Alice Farley and jazz musician Henry Threadgill. ($4,000)

Figures of Speech Theatre - Sea Change
An adaptation of the Greek myth of Icarus, examining contemporary society's relationship to technology. ($2,000)

Janie Geiser - Infared
A collaboration with playwright Mac Wellman. ($3,000)

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater - Songs for a Millenium
A piece honoring the creative and courageous power of a community blossoming in the midst of urban decay. ($2,000)

Mabou Mines - Peter and Wendy
An adaptation of the J.M. Barrie classic directed by Lee Breuer, featuring Asian puppetry techniques and an original Scottish score. ($4,000)

Mum Puppettheatre - The Net of Germs
A multi-disciplinary collaboration between puppeteer Robert Smythe and composer Adam Wernick. ($2,000)

Roman Paska - Moby Dick in Venice
A piece that melds the legend of Ishmael, Ahab and the great white whale with the city of Venice, two parallel struggles for survival. ($4,000)

Skysaver Productions - Journey to the Island
A work exploring the history of prisons in America through the stories of women prisoners from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. ($3,000)

Seed Grants ($1,000)

Stephen Kaplin - The Unfinished Eye

GOH Productions - The Golem
An experimental musical adaption of the Czech Jewish legend, directed by Vit Horejs.

Great Small Works - Untitled
A series of performances to be held at branch libraries through New York.

Orchestra of St. Lukes - Aucassin et Nicolette
A collaborative production by St. Luke's Orchestra, Arts at St. Ann's, and puppeteer Amy Trompetter.

Perry Alley Theater - The Tree of Life, Jack and Yettl, Share and Share Alike
An evening of theater composed of three new works combining music, puppetry, and dance.

Shadow Box Theater - The Earth and Me
An experimental production with a variety of puppet types, multiple stages and projections, choral music, and dancers.

Shadowlight Productions - Electric Shadows
A collaboration between Larry Reed and gamelan musicians to reinvent the ancient art of shadow theater.

Basil Twist - Symphonie Fantastique
A full-length fantastical work inspired by the symphony by Hector Berlioz.