2000 Grants


Puppetsweat Theatre
by Three Tales by Poe

Azdak's Garden Inc./ Puppetsweat Theater - Three Tales by Poe A new stage of development for a shadow play/oratorio adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's stories using computer generated animations. ($3,000)

Batoto Yetu - The Mukishi
A dance piece based on African dance, music, and folk legend, with puppets designed by Garland Farwell. ($3,000)

Center for Puppetry Arts - Wrestling Macbeth
For an adaptation of Shakespeare's play through the lens of personality-driven pop culture as exemplified in professional wrestling. ($2,000)

Great Small Works - Satie Cabaret Project
A collaboration with pianist Margaret Leng Tan combining the music of Erik Satie with innovative puppet and performance techniques. ($2,000)

Hanne Tierney - Man, the Flower of all Flesh
A work based on a 1928 science fiction story by E.M. Forester expressing the recurrent fear of machines over the last two centuries. ($2,000)

Everyday Uses for Sight #3 & #7
by Dan Hurlin
Photo by Tom Brazil
"Puppetry is a mirror of design, engineering and dramaturgy."
-Dan Hurlin

Dan Hurlin - Everyday Uses for Sight #3 & #7
An evening of two companion pieces exploring the power of seeing through landscape painting and architecture. ($3,000)

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater - Awesome Vessel Power
A puppet and mask play weaving the styles and visions of individual artists into a single thematic piece. ($2,000)

Mabou Mines - Red Beads
A puppet opera based on a Russian folk tale with puppetry by Basil Twist and music by Ushio Torikai.($4,000)

Mettawee River Theatre Company - Psyche
A visual theater adaptation of Moliere's version of the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche. ($2,000)

Sandglass Theater - The Pig Act
A dark circus piece about the delicate balancing act that we must all perform in order to survive. ($2,000)

Saw Theater - And the Movement of Hearts Came at Me Like a Storm
The story of a character's search for meaning and beauty told with puppets, objects, projections, film and live sound. ($4,000)

Skysaver Productions - Lives of the Artists
A site-specific theatre work that explores writings about the lives of the most important and popular visual artists of the past 600 years. ($2,000)

Smokebrush Theater - Dream Cafe
A story told with actors and puppets that begins in a realistic setting and develops to reveal the mythic underpinnings of the scene. ($2,000)

Theater of Light
by Rudi Stern
Photo courtesy of the artist

Rudi Stern - Theater of Light
A series of performed compositions of projected light and objects set to music. ($2,000)

Top Shows - Madison's Descent
A performance pageant by Page Allen and Michael Curry telling the story of one child's journey into being. ($2,000)

Basil Twist - Behind the Lid
A work with a text by Lee Nagrin and puppetry by Basil Twist. ($4,000)

SEED GRANTS ($1,000)

Cave Dogs - Ferrous City: Tunnel Visions
A story about an urban night drive from three different perspectives using improvisational shadow puppetry.

Fred Curchack - King Lear Project
A show in which an old actor/puppeteer relives decades spent touring a solo adaptation of King Lear.

Doctor Faustus
by Drama of Works
Photo by Gretchen Van Lente

"The Foundation directly affects the widest group of people out of any puppet organization in the world, including non-puppet people who come to see the Festival in New York."
-Gretchen van Lente

by Figures of Speech Theatre

Photo by Miranda Ring


Things That Eat Other Things
by Redmoon Theater
Photo by John Flak

Drama of Works - Doctor Faustus
A version of Christopher Marlowe's classic text focusing on Faustus' inner struggle between good and evil.

Figures of Speech Theatre - She-Who-Is-Alone
An adaptation of the Comanche story for performance by puppets and actors.

GOH Productions - Prose of the Transsiberian and of Little Joan of France
A staging the 1913 poem in prose by Blaise Cendrars about his adventurous travel on the Transsiberian railroad in 1905.

Samantha Hack - Isolation Island
A work that tells the story of a group of dogs stranded on an isolated island.

The Heuristic Theatre Company - Harrison Bergeron
An adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's short story performed with rod, shadow, and stop motion puppets.

Eric Jacobson - Galileo's Telescope
A piece combining Bunraku puppetry, masks, original music and lighting effects to transport the audience to the edge of the universe and back.

Billy Jarcho - The Fattest Kitty on Earth!
A collaboration between Minneapolis puppeteer/director Andrew Kim and writer, designer and animation director Billy Jarcho.

Liz Joyce and a Couple of Puppets - Lorca Puppet Plays
A production with 14 hand-carved puppets, four puppeteers and three musicians, based on the writings of Federico García Lorca.

Mum Puppettheatre - The Leonardo Project
A collaboration between puppeteer Robert Smythe and corporeal mime Daniel Stein based on their studies of human movement.

Ontological Hysteric Theater, Inc. - Bad Boy Nietzche
A work written, directed and designed by Richard Foreman, which explores the philosopher Nietzsche's eastern influences.

Redmoon Theater - Things That Eat Other Things
A large-scale shadow puppet show to be performed in the windows of the facade of Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art.

Tom Ross - American Hunger
A work based on the autobiographical writings of African-American novelist Richard Wright.

ShadowLight Productions - Dreaming California
A shadow theater piece depicting the cultural and natural history of California.

Manju Shandler - Stories for the Sultan
A play based on One Thousand and One Nights to be developed as a theatrical serial.

Michael Sommers - Elijah's Wake
A work for both actors and puppeteers based on the stories and myths surrounding the Prophet Elijah.

Lisa Sturz - Still Life
A rod puppet operetta in which the protagonist journeys into the unconscious world of hidden potential and emerges as a new woman.

Ellen van Wees - Tales of the Powdered and Periwigged
A shadow and toy theater piece using classic fairy tales as a springboard to explore human behavior, with a Freudian/Jungian twist.