The Jim Henson Foundation Collection of Puppet Theater

The Jim Henson Foundation Collection of Puppet Theater is located at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Theater on Film and Tape Archive.  The collection has over 70 performances from the 1992, 1994, 1996 & 1998 International Festival of Puppet Theater.  Below is a list of the complete holdings for the collection, with links to each catalog entry at the library.
Students, researchers, and individuals are welcome to view performances from this collection.  
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Roman Paska, Theatre for the Birds - The End of the World
New York, USA

Stuffed Puppet Theatre - Manipulator & Underdog

Paul Zaloom - Sick but True: A Fabulous Evening with Paul Zaloom
New York, USA

Theodora Skipitares - Underground
New York, USA

Theatre Drak - Pinokio

Eric Bass, Sandglass Theater - The Village Child
Vermont, USA

Hystopolis Puppet Theater - The Adding Machine
Chicago, USA

Theater Im Wind - Hermann

Jusaburo Tsujimura - Kecho

Janie Geiser & Company - When the Wind Blows, News Update
New York, USA

Cie Philippe Genty - Dérives (Driftings) (excerpts, 1989)

Green Apple Puppet Theatre - The Far Away Land

Diablomundo - Memories, Dreams & Illusions

Paul Vincent Davis - Androcles and the Lion & Golden Touch of Midas - performed as part of Big Bird and Friends
Boston, USA

George Latshaw Puppets - Wilbur and the Giant - performed as part of Big Bird and friends
Florida, USA

Yang Feng - Traditional Chinese Folk Tales - performed as part of Big Bird and Friends

The Theatrical Inanimate: Perceptions of Puppetry

  • Contemporary Puppet Theatre: Innovations and Impact
    • JoAnne Akalaitis - speaker
    • Eileen Blumenthal - panelist
    • Philippe Genty - panelist
    • Josef Krofta - panelist
    • Henryk Jurkowski - panelist
    • Michael R. Malkin - moderator
    • Betty L. Corwin
  • Puppetry as a Cultural Expression
    • John Bell - panelist
    • Michiko Ueno-Herr - panelist
    • Dalang I Wayan Wija - panelist
    • Gautam Dasgupta - panelist
    • Yang Feng - panelist
    • Nancy Lohman Staub - moderator
    • Betty L. Corwin
  • Puppetry as Personal Expression
    • Eric Bass - panelist
    • Janie Geiser - panelist
    • Roman Paska - panelist
    • Enno Podehl - panelist
    • Peter Sellars - panelist
    • Cheryl Henson - moderator
    • Betty L. Corwin
  • Visons of the Future
    • Ana Maria Amaral - panelist
    • Vincent Anthony - panelist
    • Franz Fazakas - panelist
    • Brian Henson - panelist
    • Bonnie Sue Stein - speaker & panelist
    • David R. White - moderator
    • Henryk Jurkowski - speaker
    • Betty L. Corwin

1992 Festival Brochure - PDF Download



Handspring Puppet Co. - Woyzeck on the Highveld
US Premiere
South Africa

Hanne Tierney - A Play Called Not and Now
World Premiere
New York, USA

Teatro Hugo & Ines - The Adventures of Ginocchio

Dondoro - Kiyohime Mandara
US Premiere

Marionetteatern - The Ghost Sonata
US Premiere

Teatro Gioco Vita - Peter Betwixt and Between
US Premiere

Suzy Ferris - Box of Night and Other Works
NY Premiere
Atlanta, USA

Intar/Ralph Lee - A Popol Vuh Story
World Premiere
New York, USA

Banialuka - Solitude
US Premiere

Velo Theatre - Enveloppes Et Deballages
NY Premiere

Larry Reed - In Xanadu....Invisible Cities
NY Premiere
San Francisco, USA

Fred Curchack - What Fools These Mortals Be
NY Premiere
Texas, USA

Hobey Ford's Golden Rod Puppets - Turtle Island Tales
North Carolina, USA

Penny Jones & Co. - Peppi and the Pop-Up Dragon
New York, USA

Teatro Gioco Vita - Pescetopococcodrillo (Fish Mouse Crocodile)

Jon Ludwig - Safe as Milk
NY Premiere
Atlanta, USA

Garland Farwell - Pipe: A Courtroom Drama
World Premiere
New York, USA

Late-Night Cabaret
Various Artists

1994 Festival Brochure - PDF Download



Eric Bass / Sandglass Theater - The Caucasion Chalk Circle
Vermont, USA

Alice Farley / Henry Threadgill - Erotec: The Human Life of Machines
New York, USA

Teatro Tinglado - The Repugnant Story of Clotario Demoniax

Hystopolis Productions - Ubu Roi

Frantisek & Vera - Piskanderdula
Czech Republic

Janie Geiser & Co. - Evidence of Floods
New York, USA

El Periferico de Objetos - Gesell Chamber

Compagnie Nicole Mossoux & Patrick Bonte' - Twin Houses

Roman Paska / Theater for the Birds - Moby Dick in Venice
New York, USA

Mabou Mines - Peter and Wendy
New York, USA

Basil Twist - The Araneidae Show
New York, USA

Warner Blake - Soup Talk 1: Voice of the Turtledove
Seattle, USA

Warner Blake - Soupe Talk 2: Voice of the Hollow Man
Seattle, USA

Puppet Lounge at PS 122 - Late Night
Various Artists

Figures of Speech Theatre - Nightingale

Green Ginger - Frank Einstein

Alchemilla Puppetworks - Puppets, Music and the Unexpected
New York, USA

Theater Laku Paka - Rapunzel and Other Stories / Alfred in the Hay and in the Way

Pumpernickel Puppets - Frog Prince
Massachusetts, USA

1996 Festival Brochure - PDF Download



Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes - Tinka's New Dress

Green Ginger - Slap Head: Demon Barber

Roman Paska / Massimo Schuster - Dieu!: God Mother Radio
New York, USA / France

Faulty Optic - Bubbly Beds

Paul Zaloom - The House of Horror
Los Angeles, USA

Great Small Works - Toy Theater
New York, USA

Larry Reed / I Wayan Wija & I Dewa Berata - Wayang Listrik / Electric Shadows
San Francisco, USA / Indonesia

Ping Chong / Jon Ludwig / Mitsuru Ishii - Kwaidan
New York, USA / Atlanta, USA / Japan

Youki-Za - Fishing for a Wife / Meiboku Sendai Hagi

The Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theater - The Golem
New York, USA

Theodora Skipitares - A Harlot's Progress
New York, USA

Teatron Theater - Kafka, or the Search Goes on

The Cosmic Bicycle Theater - Dr. Kronopolis and the Timekeeper Chronicles
New York, USA

Sandglass Theater - Never Been Anywhere
Vermont, USA

1998 Festival Brochure - PDF Download