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Please submit your listing at least 2 weeks prior to the performance run. Late listings are accepted, but we cannot guarantee that they will be included.

You must submit your listing by filling out this form. Listings are not accepted by email, phone, fax, or regular mail.

NYC Adult & Family listings are accepted for all puppet theater in and around New York City.  Please note that the work needs to be puppet theater - the puppets need to be an integral part of the piece.

National listings are only accepted from past and present Jim Henson Foundation grantees, fully operational puppet theaters, board members, and Henson Festival artists.

Museum Exhibits & Festivals listings are for temporary and permanent exhibits of puppetry and puppetry festivals happenings in the United States.

Professional Classes listings are for classes that teach adults more about the art form.  These opportunities can be national and international.

Puppet Festivals listings are for puppetry festivals happening nationally and internationally.



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