1992 Grants

Project Grants
Peter Pan and Wendy
by Colonus, Inc

Photo by Richard Termine

by Hystopolis Productions, Inc

Photo by Richard Termine

Anatomy of a Springroll
by Paul Kwan

Broadcast on PBS in 1994

Poe's Epilogue
by Steven Ritz-Barr

Photo courtesy of the artist

"In the context of our film work, puppetry is an alternative means of conveying myth and storytelling drawn from diverse cultural traditions. Puppetry becomes a window on the imaginary dream space that contrasts with the documentary footage to create an additional level of reality."
-Paul Kwan and Arnold Iger

Brooklyn Academy of Music - Next Wave Festival
A presentation of Eric Bass and Grupo Contadores de Estorias as part of the Next Wave Festival.($3,000)

The Cashore Marionettes - Everyman
A marionette and mime piece about the Everyman, expressing themes such as discovery and struggle for control. ($1,000)

Center for Puppetry Arts - Breaking Boundaries
An exhibition on American puppetry in the 1980s at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. ($10,000)

Climate Theater - Festival Fantochio
A series of adult work to be presented as part of the 1992 Festival Fantochio, the Third Annual Modern Puppetry Festival. ($2,500)

Colonus, Inc. - Peter Pan and Wendy
An adaptation of J.M. Barrie's novel directed by Lee Breuer, utilizing Balinese shadow puppetry and Japanese Bunraku. ($2,000)

Hobey Ford - The Geometry of Nature
A collaboration with kinetic artist Andrew Frank inspired by Buckminster Fuller with puppets made of complex polyhedra forms. ($1,000)

Janie Geiser - When The Wind Blows
A work exploring issues of power and the relationship between violence and childhood using dioramas, shadow puppetry, and film. ($3,000)

Hystopolis Productions, Inc. - Ubu
An adaptation of Alfred Jarry's work told with hand and rod puppets in American Bunraku fashion. ($3,000)

Mum Puppettheatre - A Distant Mirror
A project based on the medieval plague of the Black Death utilizing puppets and live actors. ($3,000)

Ninth Street Theater - Terror As Usual
A series of news-based puppet shows performed in a cardboard toy theater. ($1,500)

Roman Paska - The End of the World
The End of the World is Roman Paska's third solo performance piece in his Theatre for the Birds trilogy of "little mental dramas." In it three puppet characters (Mind, Body and Heart Clowns) portray the perpetual struggle for integration within a single fragmented identity.($3,000)

Persona Grata Productions/Paul Kwan - Anatomy of a Springroll
A project that is both a stage performance and an experimental documentary video.($1,000)

Steven Ritz-Barr - Poe's Epilogue
A piece in which a freshly disentombed Poe tells his side of the story before a mythical inquisition. ($1,500)

Paul Zaloom - The New World Ordure
A solo performance about human history's repeated mistakes using projection, dummy puppets, automata, and object animation. ($3,000)